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At The Joint … the chiropractic place, there are no appointments and no hidden fees. As your local chiropractor in Thornton, we’re at 1281 E. 120th Ave providing affordable chiropractic services every day. Be sure to stop in and find out how The Joint is making it easier than ever to put your chiropractic health first. Whether you’re suffering from whiplash, a sports injury or need a general chiropractic adjustment, we can help.

  • Convenient hours
  • Convenient locations
  • No appointment necessary
  • Membership rates as low as $12.25 per adjustment
  • Our chiropractors are professional licensed doctors of chiropractic

Our Chiropractor

Meet Dr. Ricky Roope

Dr. Ricky Roope DC sought out health care as a profession after numerous sports injuries, and a severe auto accident. He is an avid skier growing up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, sports fanatic, and extremely proud father of two amazing little girls. He began his education by obtaining a B.S. degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Wyoming complemented with courses in Biophysics. He furthered his education in the San Francisco Bay Area with a doctorate in Chiropractic and has also completed over 100 hours of postgraduate education.

Dr. Roope then made his way back to The Rocky Mountains & joined The Joint Family. He believes in The Joint concept & its position on getting back to the basics of chiropractic care.

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